Self Defense Tips For Women

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This is one of the most important things women can do to keep safe. If something doesn't seem right or you get a bad feeling about a situation listen to your "gut feeling". Don't be afraid to embarrass yourself by not getting on that elevator or crossing the street if you feel you're being followed. You may be wrong, so what? Better safe than sorry.

2) This one is so simple it seems like a no brainer. Lock your doors at home and in your car. If you have an alarm system use it!

3) If someone tries to abduct you while you're in a public place NEVER let yourself be taken to a second location. Your chances for survival go down drastically.

4) Never carry more cash or information in your purse or wallet than you need each time you go out. Leave the check book and extra credit cards at home.

5) If you have a GPS in your car don't program your actual home address in as "home" Load in a store or other public address near your house instead. If your car gets stolen at least the thief won't know where you live.

6) Always ask to see identification if service or utility workers show up at your house unexpectedly. Don't open the door until you've called to verify they are who they say they are and are there on legitimate business.

Counter added July 14, 2013