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Shorin-ryu Karatedo and Kobudo Association of America

Beikoku Shorin Ryu Karatedo Kobudo Kyokai
[ Beikoku    Shorinryu     Karatedo       Kobudo      Kyokai ]

Welcome to the website of the Shorin-ryu Karatedo and Kobudo Association of America. For short, we call ourselves "Beisho Karatedo." "Beisho" (pronounced "Bay-show") is a contraction of the first Japanese character in "Beikoku" (American) and the first character in "Shorin-ryu," so "Beisho Karatedo" means "American Shorin-ryu Karatedo."

Beisho Karatedo (also known as SKKAA) was established in January 2005 by a group of senior instructors and school operators who have practiced the ancient Okinawan arts of Shorin-ryu karatedo and kobudo (traditional weaponry) for many years. The purpose of establishing the SKKAA was to rededicate ourselves to following the traditional path to self-improvement through the martial arts. This path involves life-long learning, constant practice and striving for excellence, respect for others, a commitment to passing on our traditions, dedication to our communities and country, and the highest standards of business and personal integrity.

SKKAA Contact Information

SKKAA Secretary/Treasurer: Kristen Pepe
Address: 60 Buick Street
Watertown, MA 02472

The SKKAA's Patch and Logo

The SKKAA's patch and logo consist of a black three-pronged swirl on a field of red. It is surrounded by the words "Beisho Karatedo" and the characters "Beikoku Shorin-ryu Karatedo Kobudo Kyokai," or the Shorin-ryu Karatedo and Kobudo Association of America. The three- pronged swirl pattern was the official crest of the Okinawan royal family from approximately 1429 to 1879. It symbolizes the long traditions and ancient history of the martial arts we study. The black swirl also represents the land of Okinawa. It is surrounded by the sea. The red color represents sunrise over the ocean.

The SKKAA's Organizational Structure

The SKKAA is composed of members who are recommended by an SKKAA instructor, submit an application, and remit their annual dues in a timely manner. Only students training in or affiliated with an SKKAA chartered school are eligible for membership. The SKKAA's Board of Directors may, at its discretion, award Honorary Membership to select individuals whose contribution to our mission warrants such an honor.

Board of Directors

SKKAA policy is determined by a Board of Directors which shall hold at least one business meeting annually.

Members of the Board as of January 2013 are:
Chairman:     James A. True, Jr., Jayne Butram and Michael Pepe
Members:     Ed Kearney, Steven Tulimieri, Sue Theise, Kristen Pepe and Terrence Tuy
Board of Advisors:     Richard McCulty, Jo McCulty, Stephen Iannetti.


Implementation of SKKAA policy is delegated to a President, one or more Vice Presidents, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The President and Vice Presidents constitute an Executive Committee which is empowered to make such policy decisions as may be necessary when a meeting of the Board of Directors is impracticable. The Secretary and/or Treasurer serves as an Advisor to the Executive Committee.

The Officers of the SKKAA as of January 2013 are:
President:     James A. True, Jr.
Vice Presidents:     Jayne Butram and Michael Pepe
Secretary/Treasurer:     Kristen Pepe, Steven Tulimieri and Sue Theise
IT Supervisor:     Stephen Iannetti
Assistant IT Supervisors:     Michael Pepe, Terrence Tuy
Corresponding Secretary:     Michael Pepe

Instructional Organization

Martial arts training, supervision, and quality control are the responsibility of the SKKAA's Chief Instructor and such assistants as he may delegate in consultation with the Executive Committee . Their role is to assist school operators in maintaining the highest standards of training, participate in the evaluation of any member who has been recommended by an SKKAA instructor for any rank above nidan (second degree black belt), assist in the administration of and teaching at SKKAA camps and clinics, and represent the SKKAA at public functions.

The instructional staff of the SKKAA's national organization consists of
Chief Instructor:     Christopher M. Clarke
Assistant Chief Instructors:     James A. True, Jr., Jayne Butram and Michael Pepe
Shihan-dai:     Steven Tulimieri
Dai Sempai:     Ed Kearney
Dai ni Sempai:     Terrence Tuy, Kristen Pepe

Beisho Mission Statement

The Shorin-ryu Karatedo and Kobudo Association of America ("Beisho" or SKKAA) was established for the purpose of maintaining the highest standards for training in, teaching, and preserving the Okinawan martial arts of karatedo and kobudo. SKKAA's officers and instructors pledge to teach in accordance with rules, regulations, and principles of the SKKAA; maintain the highest standards of personal and business conduct and integrity; encourage the physical, spiritual, and moral development of its members and instructors; honor those who have gone before and handed down the Arts or karatedo and kobudo; and serve our communities and country. The SKKAA is committed to providing equal opportunity to all, regardless of race, gender, national origin or other condition. The SKKAA is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization.

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