Mandarin Ducks

Here is a pair of Chinese Mandarin ducks. Mandarin ducks are among the most beautifully colored water fowl in the world. Because they keep only one mate for life, unlike many other species of ducks, Mandarin ducks are frequently featured in Chinese art and as a symbol in Chinese weddings. They are regarded as a symbol of marital affection and fidelity. A Chinese proverb for loving couples uses the Mandarin duck as a metaphor: "Two mandarin ducks playing in water" (yuan yang x shui). The Mandarin duck, because in traditional Chinese lore they symbolize wedded bliss and fidelity. Because the male and female plumages of the Mandarin duck are so unalike, yuan-yang is frequently used colloquially in Cantonese to mean an "odd couple" or "unlikely pair" a mixture of two different types of same category. For example, yuanyang (drink) and yuan-yang fried rice. See if you can faithfully color the ducks to look like the photo, and color the background as realistically as you can.