These cut-out 'paper dolls' represent historical figures that will help you learn more about Asian culture and samurai warriors. They will work best if you either print them on extra-heavy paper. If that is not possible, print them on regular paper, cut them out, then glue them to cardboard or extra heavy paper and cut around their edges to give them a strong backing. Be sure to be careful when cutting them out--or have Mom, Dad, or an older brother, sister, or friend do the cutting for you. Have fun!

Samurai Cutout

These four samurai cut-out dolls represent Japanese warriors from four different centuries, including the famous woman warrior, Tomoe Gozen. If you want to learn more about this famous woman samurai, you can read about her in Beisho's book, Samurai, Scoundrels, and Saints. Follow the instructions carefully to cut them out and glue them to their bases. To make them stand up more easily, you can tape a penny underneath their stand. Be sure to put it in the middle so the samurai will stand straight and tall.
Courtesy of Dover Publications