Cat Mandala

Here is a mandala, a type of Asian picture often drawn on the ground with colored sand. This one includes cats and hearts. Asians love cats because of their easy-going, independent personalities, their flexibility and ability to survive difficult situations, and their prowess in catching mice. In 1994, there were 6.2 million cats in Japan. By 2009, those numbers had shot up to 10 million. Since 2003, there have been more pets than children in Japan. Cats and dogs have lived with people in Japan since ancient times, with dogs often kept for hunting or as guards and sentinels, and cats kept as mousers. Now, rather than being regarded as human helpers, most people now look upon their pet animals as members of their families and company as they grow older. Have as much fun coloring the cats as the cats are having playing with the yarn. Don't forget to color the hearts.